Up the airy mountain, Down the rushy glen, We dare n't go a-hunting,For fear of little men!

Join us on a magical journey through Ireland's past. Through the art of unique Irish storytelling you will discover Ireland's rich history, a history that is so inextricably linked with its mythology! Listen to stories of a time gone by when Pookas, fairies and giants roamed this land. Hear tales of how the Vikings were outsmarted by three Leprachauns, of epic battles and dangerous quests, of magic spells and true love. Visit the spot where Irish mermen are said to appear and who knows what you might see. Travel to the site of Irelands greatest battle and hear,first hand, how one of our greatest kings was killed.

To be sure to be sure, join us on our custom built storytelling bus and through live poetry and song, let us bring you on a journey to an Ireland of times gone by. It's no ordinary bus, WE PROMISE YOU WON'T FORGET!

Dublin's Folklore Bus

"Custom built double decker bus"

You wont find this tour anywhere else!

"Professional storytellers and singers"

A truly unique, magical setting visited only by us.

Enchanted evening

"Oonagh could hear the huge crunching footsteps of the giant as he approached their home. Benandonner reached out his huge fist and hammered on the door with such force the whole house shook. “Come out here Fionn and face me!"

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